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Posted 4 weeks ago

Posted 2 months ago

Female white dog found running around by Lowe’s in Ventura. When found she had a little flower on her ear and was wearing her collar but no tags. If this is your baby, we have her- she’s being kept warm, fed, getting tons of snuggles, and is getting to go on lots of walks. We want to reunite her with you! Please contact me to arrange picking her up.

Posted 4 months ago

Black and white small and very friendly dog. I am not sure if it is a male or female. Please see the picture.

Posted 6 months ago

Dog is currently at Humane Society Ventura County in Ojai

Posted 7 months ago

Found last night in the road.

Posted 8 months ago

This sweet little girl was found without a collar and appeared lost, disoriented and frightened. She is friendly and sweet and warmed up rather quickly to my family although I'm sure she is missing her owners. She is a bundle of energy and quite entertaining to watch. She is playful and is courageously curious and in typical terrier fashion, her personality is larger than life.

Posted 9 months ago

We have posted poster around my neighborhood and contacted our local animal shelter. He is up on Simi Valley Missing Pets facebook page and I am unable to upload any photos of him at this time (it's something with the website I think or my connection is bad). We have also passed out information at Teresa's pet store and Dr. Ron's animal clinic. He has no chip and no tags. We have given him a temporary name of Farnsworth.

Posted 10 months ago

Little guy found wandering on the road, took him door to door, but was unable to find anyone who knew him

Posted 11 months ago

Any info would be great to get this girl home.


Posted 11 months ago

Found dog 9/13/19.

Posted 12 months ago

Really shy, skinny, paw pads torn, skin infection when found. Better now, but seriously over protective/resource protective.

Posted 1 year ago

Posted 1 year ago

dark brown, blue/grey eyes,

Posted 1 year ago

Found Shepard/husky mix in Simi off Erringer and Royal. Female, no tags or chips. Contact Shana 805-432-3501

Posted 1 year ago

Sweet intact female pup found on Lewis Rd. near Casa Pacifica earlier today. No chip but she seems like she’s trained and someone must be missing her.

Posted 1 year ago

Posted 1 year ago

Well-fed chocolate lab/hound mix. NOT NEUTERED. No collar, no chip. Sweet, rides well in the car. Now at the Humane Society of Ventura (in Ojai.)

Posted 1 year ago

Posted 1 year ago