Lost/stolenservice dog

 Lost Dogs / Posted 11 months ago

He is mostly black but has white on feet chest and head,and some tan was weaŕing a collar, harness and a t-shirt that say im the boss on it.

  • Your Dog's Name : Poppi chulo
  • Sex : Male
  • Age : About 14 yrs old
  • Height : Short
  • Weight : 4-5 lbs
  • Breed : Chahuahua sh
  • Color(s) : Black,white w/ some tan
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Describe Collar & Tags if any : Had black color and a blue harness with white dog bones on it
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes : Has a on his forhead to nose also was a rescue animal and ha a broken rib that a piece is missing can feel it .he is a service dog was stolen and possible he was dumped far away he howles if you howl and howls when kids cry. We love and miss him
  • Where Was Dog Lost (nearest intersection) : Maple and ash in bloomington ca
  • City Where Your Dog Was Lost : Camarillo
  • When Was Dog Lost (the date your dog went missing) : 1/25/2018
  • Your Name : Paulette
  • Daytime Phone : 9513231715
  • Evening Phone : 9096936228
  • Address : 18346 ASH ST.
  • Email Address : Reneebommarito1271@gmail.com