Taken Dog

 Lost Dogs / Posted 12 months ago

Mosley is a boxer/lab, 9 years old, roughly 3.5 – 4 ft. He was last seen in our equipment yard, corner of Main St. and Peking St.
Transient/homeless person found him on Thanksgiving Thurs. 11/23/17, called us on a phone not his own, person left before we could arrive, haven’t been able to locate this person since. We think this person may frequent the Ventura Ave. area, no luck yet.

  • Your Dog's Name : Mosley
  • Sex : Male
  • Age : 9 yrs
  • Height : Roughly 3.5 ft
  • Breed : Boxer/Lab
  • Color(s) : Honey brown
  • Eye Color : Honey brown
  • Describe Collar & Tags if any : Brown Carhart brand color, red name tag
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes : Red dog tag says “Mosley”, phone # on back. Unable to reach transient/homeless person who found dog. Person left before arriving to pick-up location at Main St. and Olive St in Ventura. May be in Ventura Ave. area.
  • City Where Your Dog Was Lost : Ventura
  • When Was Dog Lost (the date your dog went missing) : Thanksgiving Night, 11/23/17
  • Your Name : Ariana Herrera
  • Daytime Phone : 8052047932
  • Evening Phone : 8052047932
  • Email Address : aherrera5523@yahoo.com