Richard Tade, founder of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, created (our inspiration!) and generously shared the design codes to make our first website possible. It was used by folks all over Ventura County from 2009 until 2017, when we launched this website which is mobile-friendly, responsive, and much easier to post from all your devices.
Edward’s generous donation of technical support also helped make our first version of possible.

Free Spirit Energy Healing
Each dog posted on receives a Prema Agni Healing to help them stay safe and get back home soon.

Herald Printing, Ltd.
Their ongoing donation of business cards started in 2017 and helps promote throughout Ventura County.

Ohana Pet Hospital
Helps promote by sponsoring Poo Free Park stations in Ventura – look for them at Plaza Park & Camino Real Park, both in the city of Ventura!

The Anchor Printing and Graphics Co.
Their generous donation of business cards from 2009 until their closing in 2017 helped promote throughout Ventura County.

Ventura Breeze
In memory of Pet Editor, Professor Scamp, the Ventura Breeze helps promote this website on The Pet Page in the print edition distributed every other Wednesday throughout the Cities of Ventura, Oxnard, and Ojai.

Webb Weavers Consulting

Poo Free Parks® is a privately owned and operated nationwide small business that installs, supplies, and maintains environmentally friendly pet clean-up stations within dog parks, recreational areas, public spaces, and other places frequented by our furry friends and their owners, for free. Stations in Ventura County are available for sponsorship – which is a great way to support your community while also promoting your business.
Consider sponsoring a station & including & along with your advertisement. That way you’re also showing your support for these free resources for reuniting lost cats & dogs with their humans!
Please email if you would like to help spread the word about & by sponsoring a Poo Free Park station.

If you would like to help support this website –
Thank you for your interest in helping to support! All supporters will be acknowledged on’s Facebook page and Twitter. Supporters giving $100 or more (in goods, services or monetarily) will also be listed on this page and an announcement included in WebbNews, Webb Weavers Consulting’s monthly e-newsletter. All support received will go toward hosting, maintaining, and promoting
Please send an email to regarding support in the form of goods or services; if you’d like to send monetary support, please mail to: Webb Weavers Consulting, P.O. Box 1154, Ventura, CA 93002, Attention
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