Tips For Finding A Lost Dog

Remember: the odds are in favor of you finding your lost dog; and the faster you move, the better those odd get. Here are some ideas to get your search started:

1. Make fliers with your pet’s picture, a brief description and your phone number. Make sure there is an answering machine or voicemail that will take messages if you can’t pick up a call at that number.

2. Go to all the local shelters, including Ventura County Animal Services & Humane Society of Ventura County, Return at least every other day.

3. Call local veterinarian offices in case someone found your pet injured and took her in for treatment.

4. Post fliers around the area where you lost your pet. Use brightly colored poster board and paper. For details about making effective posters and fliers visit the Missing Pet Partnership.

5. Put a “lost pet” ad in local newspapers. Include your phone number, when and where the pet went missing and a good description.

6. Check the “pet found” sections of local newspapers every day.

7. File a report with the local police if you think your pet may have been stolen. Review these risk factors for dog theft.

8. Get online. Send descriptions to all your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, and ask them to send the information to their contacts. The more people looking for your pet, the better.

9. Dogs can run a long way from home. In the first few days, they are likely to be within a five-mile radius of your home. After a few weeks, that radius can increase to over 100 miles.

10. If you spot your dog, don’t chase her because she may well run. Learn how to approach a shy or fearful dog.

11. Scour the neighborhood calling for your dog. Bring a collar, leash, treats and squeaky toys if your dog likes them. Bring your dog’s canine playmate; she may respond to a friend’s bark. Call for your dog and wait for an answering sound.

Based on your dog’s personality, consider whether these tips on may help.

For a list of more resources, visit Dogs.

Beware of Scam Artists

Some people may take advantage of your plight, especially if you offer a reward. To protect yourself, don’t put the amount of the reward or your name or address on fliers or give that information to strangers. If you go to pick up your pet from a stranger, bring someone with you.

Be persistent. You never know where it will happen or how long it will take, but you have a good chance of being reunited with your missing pet.

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