Dog Safety & Recovery Tips

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Check the Animals Picked Up Dead or Injured and Humanely Euthanized by VCAS

Provided by Ventura County Animal Services: Animals Picked Up Dead or Injured and Humanely Euthanized – … [Read more...]

Loose Dog? Don’t chase! Stop, Drop and Lie Down

This is copied from Have you ever had a dog escape your arms or car or home? What is the first thing you do? If you’re like most people, you chase after them. They run and then you run. It seems almost instinctual, doesn’t it? I’ve come to believe that it REALLY IS INSTINCT that takes over when we chase after our loose dog(s). It’s not just something we do … [Read more...]

Coyote Expert Offers Advice

Applies to both cats & dogs! From an interview with Carol Cartaino, author of The Myths and Truths About Coyotes: What You Need to Know About America’s Most Misunderstood Predator, with Catnip Magazine, by Dusty Rainbolt: Q: As humans encroach into coyote territory, you’d think coyotes would be struggling for food. Why is that not true anymore? Cartaino: Coyotes have successfully adapted to suburban living because they have so many … [Read more...]